Ausure Complaint Commitment

At Ausure we are committed to ensuring that client’s complaints are dealt with in an efficient and professional manner. Ausure has a dedicated Compliance Manager, (Craig Barnden) who works in conjunction with Ausure complaints committee to assist clients to resolve disputes.


What is a Complaint or a Dispute?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with a product or service provided by a licensee where the complainant expects the licensee to take action to correct the situation and to prevent it from happening again.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the licensee’s action in response to the complaint, it may then become a dispute. Disputes that are not resolved need to be referred to an external dispute resolution scheme.


Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR)

  • Ausure has a Complaints Manager, Complaints Committee and fully documented process for managing complaints submitted by clients. 

How do I submit my complaint?

All complaints should be submitted in writing to Ausure’s Complaints Manager Mr Craig Barnden at the following address;


Ausure Complaints 
Po Box 10709
Brisbane Adelaide Street, QLD, 4000


What information needs to be in the complaint?

The complaint notification should document in detail the following;

  • Who you deal with (Name of your Insurance representative)

  • The nature of your complaint. (What happened and why a complaint has been lodged)

  • What you would like done to resolve the issue.

If you have any supporting information or documents you should include a copy of these in your submission.


What will Ausure do with my complaint?

When the Complaints Manager is notified of a Complaint they will take the following actions;

  • Ausure will acknowledge in writing (within 7 days) that we have received your complaint and advise what course action we are taking in relation to your complaint.

  • The Complaints Manager will attempt to resolve the issue with yourself and your insurance Representative.

  • If a reasonable resolution cannot be found within 21 days, the complaint may be forwarded to External Disputes Resolution (EDR). The Complaints Manager will continue to manage the situation and provide any information or assistance requested by the EDR.

General Advice Warning

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Therefore you should not act on the information in this website before seeking professional personal advice.  

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